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Framework Library [100% OFF]

Framework Library [100% OFF]

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Easily integrate every framework in your script. No need to write different code for each framework.
No more creating 3 separate packages for every resource. With Framework Library, you have every framework, including standalone, at one place!

It does not matter if your users are on ESX, QBCore or whatever other framework.
You want to get the players’ money, job, …? Just one line of code, not different implementations for every framework.

This means: Easily support EVERY Framework in your script within seconds

We have implementations for Lua, C# and JS/TS



local framework = Framework:new()

local money = framework.getPlayerWalletMoney()

local job = framework.getPlayerJobName()

and more...


const framework = new Framework();

const money = framework.getPlayerWalletMoney();

const jobGrade = framework.getPlayerJobGrade();

and more...


private Framework framework = new Framework();

int money = framework.getPlayerWalletMoney();

int jobGrade = framework.getPlayerJobGrade();

and more...


NPM Installation

npm i @garmingo/framework-js-server


npm i @garmingo/framework-js-client