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Permissions Pro

Permissions Pro

Price: 9.99


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PermissionsPro is a lightweight ace based SQL permissions resource for FiveM. It allows you to store permissions in a MySQL Database to save them after a server restart without editing files. It is compatible with almost every resource.

How to use

PermissionsPro comes with a very simple InGame Command. Syntax:

/permissionspro <add/remove> <identifier (license)> <permission>


  • SQL Database

  • FiveM Server


  1. Download the resource

  2. Import the “permissionspro.sql”-file into your database

  3. Drag the resource into your “resources”-folder

  4. Edit the “settings.conf”-file to your likings

  5. add “start PermissionsPro” and “add_ace resource.PermissionsPro command allow” in your server.cfg

  6. Start the resources/Restart your Server


Do permissions remain even after a server restart?
Yes, your permissions are safely stored in a MySQL Database.
Is PermissionsPro using FiveM’s Ace System?
Yes, PermissionsPro uses FiveM’s Ace Permission System to make it compatible with every resource.
Is there an API?
No, but we don’t need one because PermissionsPro is using FiveM’s Ace system.

Discord Support

If you need help with any of our resources, you can either ask for help under the related forum post on the FiveM forum, or on our Discord.