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Toggle Siren

Toggle Siren

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Toggle Siren 2.0

Many of you probably already knew ToggleSiren 1.0, the resource that allowed you to mute the siren of your emergency vehicles and also operate it as a passenger. But now this relatively modest feature set is a thing of the past. Some of you had requested the feature to cycle through different sirens and in cooperation with a well-known server we have implemented this and many more features for you, including support for OneSync Infinity.

What is Toggle Siren 2.0

Toggle Siren 2.0 allows you to toggle your siren as you would in ELS or Lux, even with non-ELS vehicles. In addition, the front passenger can also operate all features except the air horn, which makes the operation with two people much more fun. Toggle Siren 2.0 is fully OneSync compatible and there are no ghost sirens or similar bugs, which unfortunately occur with some other resources. Toggle Siren 2.0 does not support ELS patterns yet.

Large Servers rely on Toggle Siren 2.0

Several well-known large servers, which we cannot name due to release rules, rely on Toggle Siren 2.0 and other of our systems.


  • OneSync
    One of the most important new features of ToggleSiren 2.0 is the support for OneSync. Now you can use ToggleSiren without OneSync, with OneSync Legacy and with OneSync Infinity.

  • Siren Sound Switching
    Since ToggleSiren 2.0 it is super easy to switch between the three siren tones.

  • Blipping
    With ToggleSiren 2.0 you can also blip your siren conveniently via hotkey.

  • Airhorn
    With ToggleSiren 2.0 you have a synchronized airhorn with configurable hotkey for your emergency vehicles.

  • Config
    ToggleSiren 1.0 had a config and ToggleSiren 2.0 has one again, but this time with much more settings, for example you can add as many hotkeys as you want for each action.

  • Performance
    The performance of ToggleSiren 2.0 has been extensively tested and optimized. For example, the synchronization of players on OneSync is done with the help of a queue to avoid too high load on the server.

  • Spam Protection
    To make sure that no player uses the siren functions to unnecessarily load the server, the number of interactions per client is limited to 200/second, which results in no delays in normal game operation, but everything beyond that is delayed via a queue.

  • Different vehicle, different sound
    To make sure that every emergency vehicle class can have its own siren and air horn sounds, you can have a default value and set custom values for different cars.


  • None


The configuration of ToggleSiren 2.0 is super simple. First, drag the ToggleSiren folder into the "resources" folder of your server. Then you can add ToggleSiren to the config of your server. Now you just have to enter your Tebex transaction id into the ToggleSiren config, so that your purchase can be verified and the fun can begin.


Using ToggleSiren 2.0 is as simple as it was with 1.0: Just press the hotkeys set in the config and your airhorn, siren will sound or one of the many other functions of ToggleSiren 2.0 will be executed, depending on the configured hotkey.

Framework Integration

ToggleSiren 2.0 is completely standalone just like ToggleSiren 1.0 and works with almost any framework.


We have tried our best to provide you the best product possible and hope that you like it. However, if there are any questions or problems, you can always let us know, and we will help you as soon as we can.


We have put a lot of work into ToggleSiren and even more into ToggleSiren 2.0, so we would be very grateful if you would let us know how you like it.