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Vehicle Behavior Pro

Vehicle Behavior Pro

Price: 15.99


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Vehicle Behavior Pro

Wouldn't you like it if the behavior of the vehicles in FiveM was a bit more realistic? If damaged vehicles had less power and sometimes just stopped running? If so, then Vehicle Behavior Pro is just what you need and will provide you these and many other features.


  • OneSync
    Onesync plays a very big role especially at the moment and Vehicle Behavior Pro is fully compatible with OneSync Legacy, Infinity and FiveM without OneSync.

  • Engine stuttering and cutting off
    The more damaged your vehicle's engine is, the more likely it is that the engine will simply stop or start stuttering while driving.

  • Temperature Degrading
    If your vehicle's engine gets too hot, it slowly loses health.

  • Engine start failure
    With a configurable probability, the motor cannot be started on the first attempt.

  • Engine Power Degrading
    The more damaged your vehicle's engine is, the less power it will provide.

  • Performance
    The performance of Vehicle Behavior Pro has been tested to the extreme and optimized to make sure that the game experience is not affected.

  • Config
    Vehicle Behavior Pro is fully configurable. All features can be turned on and off and customized in every single detail.


  • None


The configuration of Vehicle Behavior Pro is super simple. Just upload the resource to your server and enter your transaction ID into the config for verification purposes and adjust everything in the config according to your preferences.

Framework Integration

Vehicle Behavior Pro is a standalone resource and does not require a framework. Also, Vehicle Behavior Pro should be compatible with almost any framework and resource,


We have also put a lot of effort into Vehicle Behavior Pro to provide you with the most perfect resource possible. However, if there are any questions or problems, you can always contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.


Since we have put a lot of effort into Vehicle Behavior Pro, we would be very grateful to hear your feedback.