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Bus Driver Pro

Bus Driver Pro

Price: 24.99

Bus Driver Pro - The Ultimate Bus Driving Experience

Bus Driver Pro is a bus script for FiveM that takes the bus driving experience to a new level with innovative features like voice announcements, round trip mode and even a drag & drop route editor. And with all these features, Bus Driver Pro is even OneSync and OneSync Infinity compatible.

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Key Features

  • Voice Announcements
    Customizable voice announcements can be played before each stop and before the end of the route (either automatically or at the push of a button by the bus driver), which are synchronized with all players on the bus.

  • Route Editor
    In the Route Editor, the order of stops on a route can be changed using drag & drop, or new stops and routes can be added and the buses that can be used on a route can be configured.

  • Modes
    Before starting a trip, different modes can be selected, which change the properties of the route. For example, it can be driven in reverse order.

  • Translation
    Each individual message and the entire Route Editor can be fully translated.

  • HUD
    Bus Driver Pro also features an innovative HUD, which provides the bus driver with important information about remaining stops, remaining time and more, while driving.

  • Framework compatability
    Bus Driver Pro has integrations for ESX Infinity, ESX Legacy, and QBCore. It can also be used standalone.

  • Real passengers
    Unlike some other bus jobs on the market, Bus Driver Pro has real NPC passengers waiting at the bus stop, getting on your bus and getting off again at the desired stop.

  • and more

    • Round Trip Mode
      Drive the route both in one direction and back in the other direction in one trip.

    • Inverted Mode
      Drive the route in reverse order.

    • Included voice packs
      The purchase includes a male and a female english voice pack.

    • Included bus stops
      The purchase comes with a total of 25 pre-configured and pre-installed bus stops.

    • Stop brake
      Just like a real bus, Bus Driver Pro’s buses have a stop brake, which is supposed to prevent the bus from driving with the doors open.

    • Door hotkeys
      The doors can be opened with a simple configurable hotkey. Front and rear door have different hotkeys.

    • Stop request sound
      You can enable in the config that whenever passengers want to get off, a beep is played to let the bus driver know that a passenger wants to get off.

    • Skip stops
      You can enable in the config that you have the possibility to skip stops by pressing a hotkey.

    • Indicators
      If you don’t have an Indicator script installed, but would still like to use Indicator with your bus, you can enable this feature in the config.

    • Bus deletion timer
      If a bus driver leaves his bus while being on a trip, a message is displayed to him to get back into his bus. Optionally, it can be configured that a countdown appears, after which the trip is aborted.

    • Help messages
      During the journey, the driver is constantly shown hints, e.g. with which button he can open the door and much more. Experienced drivers can also deactivate these messages before starting the route.

    • Troubleshooting options
      Bus Driver Pro has some options that can avoid complications with other scripts or excessive NPCs on full servers, for example by deleting NPCs right after they get off the bus instead of letting them walk away slowly.



The HUD provides the following information:

  • Next stop

  • Remaining time / delay
    Calculated from the distance (travel distance) between stops and a configurable average speed.

  • Number of stops remaining

  • Number of passengers on the bus

  • Front door open/closed

  • Rear door open/closed

  • Stop request
    Indicates if a passenger wants to get off at the next stop

Voice announcements & sounds

Bus Driver Pro offers the following sounds:

  • Bling before each announcement
    To get the attention of passengers

  • Announcement before reaching the next stop

  • Announcement before reaching the final stop
    Standard reminder to take all valuables off the bus

Of course, all sound files are customizable or replaceable and new stops can easily get their own announcements.

Route Editor

The Route Editor allows you to create new routes or edit existing routes.
The following options are available for editing:

  • New stops can be inserted
    All stops inserted in the corresponding configuration file can be selected (double insertion is not possible).

  • The order can be changed
    This is very easy and uncomplicated by means of the practical drag&drop function.

  • The buses that can be used on the route can be configured
    The buses available for selection in the editor can be customized in the configuration files

  • The route can be deleted


Bus Driver Pro features the following modes for driving your route:

  • Round Trip
    Drive the route both in one direction and back in the other direction in one trip.

  • Inverted
    Drive the route in reverse order.

Highly configurable stops

Stops in Bus Driver Pro have many settings options to make the experience even more realistic.
These include:

  • Name
    The name is displayed in the route editor and the HUD.

  • Range
    The adjustable range of the stop ensures that even large stops or bus stations with multiple platforms are possible.

  • Position and Heading
    Not only the position at which the passengers spawn can be set independently of the blip position of the stop, but also the direction in which the passengers look can be set.

  • Passenger amount
    A minimum and a maximum number of passengers can be set for each stop, so that some stops are rather busy than others.

  • Ped models
    Ped models of passengers can be customized for each stop, so that, for example, business people enter at some stops and farmers at others.