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Mailman Pro

Mailman Pro

Price: 19.99

Mailman Pro - This makes delivering parcels and letters fun!

What is Mailman Pro

Mailman Pro is the latest resource from Codineer Digital that allows you to take on the role of a mailman and deliver parcels and letters, with more features than ever before. Mailman Pro has, among other things, the drag and drop route editor already known from Bus Driver Pro, but also brand new a scanner with signature function, just like a real parcel carrier.

What is special about this script

As in some other parcel delivery scripts, Mailman Pro allows you to deliver parcels and letters, but Mailman Pro also features an intuitive drag-and-drop route editor, a variety of preconfigured delivery stops, over an hour of driving time on the three preconfigured routes, support for any number of vehicles, an innovative parcel delivery scanner with signature function, and much more.


  • Drag & Drop Route Editor
    With the Drag & Drop Route Editor, which some of you may already know from Bus Driver Pro, you can create, edit and delete routes without having to edit config files.

  • Scanner with signature function
    One of the most innovative features of Mailman Pro is the signature scanner, which pops up when a package is delivered and generates a signature for a randomly generated name from configurable first and last names.

  • 54 Preconfigured Stops
    Mailman Pro comes with 54 pre-configured delivery stops.

  • 3 Preconfigured Delivery Routes
    Mailman Pro comes with 3 preconfigured delivery routes, but you can always create your own using the Route Editor.

  • 81 Minutes Delivery Time
    The 3 routes have a combined driving time of over 81 minutes.

  • ESX Compatability
    Mailman Pro has an ESX and a Non-ESX mode and in ESX mode you can set a job that the player must have and a job rank that he must have for the route editor.

  • Items
    If you have ESX mode enabled, you can turn on and off that players need a certain configurable item for letters and packages.

  • No Jumping/Sprinting
    You can set that players can neither jump nor sprint as long as they push the sack truck.

  • Standalone
    You don’t have ESX installed? No problem! Just leave ESX mode disabled and you can use Mailman Pro Standalone.

  • Translations
    Every single text in Mailman Pro can be translated and English and German translations are already provided.

  • Highly Configurable
    From the position of the blips to the payout amounts for parcels and letters to the names on the scanner, nearly everything can be configured.

CodiPass Plus

Mailman Pro is also included in CodiPass Plus, which you can purchase here. CodiPass Plus is a paid plan that gives you access to a wide variety of Codineer resources, as well as all future resources. CodiPass Plus can be purchased for one month, 3 months or one year.