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Garbage Collector Pro

Garbage Collector Pro

Price: 19.99

Garbage Collector Pro - Being a garbage man: more fun than ever before!

It has been a while since we published Mailman Pro, our last resource here in the forum, but now we present you the next great resource from Codineer: Garbage Collector Pro.

What is Garbage Collector Pro

Garbage Collector Pro is the latest resource from Codineer Digital and allows you to be a garbage collector on your server. It doesn’t matter if you use ESX or not, because Garbage Collector is ESX compatible as well as standalone and like Mailman Pro and BusDriver Pro it comes with our innovative and unique Route Editor.


  • Drag & Drop Route Editor
    The Route Editor allows you to easily create, edit via drag & drop and delete routes ingame and all this without even opening a file.

  • 100 Preconfigured Stops
    Garbage Collector Pro comes out of the box with a stunning 100 stops at which you can empty garbage bins.

  • 3 Preconfigured Routes
    The three included routes Grove Area, Vinewood Hills and Rockford Hills each have between 29 and 40 stops.

  • Custom Routes
    You can easily create new routes using the unique Route Editor.

  • Custom Stops
    You cannot create new stops via the route editor, but it is still very easy.

  • ESX Compatability
    Garbage Collector Pro runs with ESX, enabling features like payouts and job restrictions.

  • Standalone
    You don’t have ESX on your server? No problem, Garbage Collector Pro is also 100% standalone.

  • Disable Jumping
    You want to improve realism and therefore forbid players who push a garbage can to jump? No problem, with Garbage Collector Pro this is possible.

  • Disable Sprinting
    The trash can is so heavy that you can’t actually run with it. If you want to activate this for your players as well, you can do that too.

  • Disable Getting in Cars
    A player getting into a car with a garbage can is a funny idea, but unfortunately absolutely unrealistic, so you can disable this as well.

  • Translations
    Garbage Collector Pro is almost completely translatable and out of the box English and German translations are included.

  • Highly Configurable
    Almost every detail of Garbage Collector Pro can be customized in the Config.

CodiPass Plus

Garbage Collector Pro is also included in CodiPass Plus, which you can purchase here. CodiPass Plus is a paid plan that gives you access to a wide variety of Codineer resources, as well as all future resources. CodiPass Plus can be purchased for one month, 3 months or one year.