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Plane Behavior Pro

Plane Behavior Pro

Price: 15.99

Plane Behavior Pro - Realistic aircraft behavior and failures

Plane Behavior Pro is our latest amazing script and this time we spared no efforts and developed and tested it in cooperation with real airline pilots.

What is Plane Behavior Pro

Plane Behavior Pro is our latest wonderful script that we developed with real pilots to improve the flight behavior of planes in the game and add more and better failures.


  • Landing Gear Problems
    With Plane Behavior Pro, there is an adjustable probability of landing gear problems, that is, it either doesn’t retract or doesn’t deploy, or the wheels don’t engage and just dangle in the air.

  • Better Turbulence
    We’ve improved the turbulence and added an adjustable probability so you can experience even stronger turbulence.

  • Aileron Failure
    Imagine that you are in the air and suddenly your ailerons don’t work anymore, with Plane Behavior Pro this failure can happen and that even with adjustable probability.

  • Engine Failure
    Another realistic failure that Plane Behavior Pro adds is a sudden engine failure, which even real pilots have to deal with time and time again. And here again, the probability is adjustable.

  • Engine Fire
    Sometimes the engines not only fail, but they even burst into flames. And this is also one of the failures that Plane Behavior Pro adds (again with adjustable probability).

  • Rudder Failure
    Not only the landing gear, the ailerons and the engines can have problems, but also the rudder, which with adjustable probability simply stops working.

  • Better Glide
    Normally, in the game, when the engine fails, the planes fall from the sky almost like a stone, which, unfortunately, is absolutely not realistic. So we developed an adjustable glide ability of the planes in close cooperation with pilots and worked out a standard value that is as realistic as possible.

  • OneSync
    Plane Behavior Pro is 100% OneSync legacy and OneSync infinity compatible, but of course also compatible with OneSync off.

  • Tested and Developed with Real Pilots
    We have developed Plane Behavior Pro with real pilots to provide you the best possible final product.

CodiPass Plus

Plane Behavior Pro is included in CodiPass Plus, a paid plan that gives you access to nearly all of our resources and all future resources and can be purchased here. CodiPass Plus can be purchased for one month, 3 months or one year.


Codineer Verification

Plane Behavior Pro is obfusacted and protected with Codineer Verification. This means that the Tebex transaction ID must be entered in the config to verify the purchase. An IP address is NOT required. More information about Codineer Verification can be found here: