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Heli BehaviorPro

Heli BehaviorPro

Price: 15.99

Heli Behavior Pro - Better helicopter behavior and failures

Heli Behavior is our 3rd script from the series of Behavior modifications and thus the sequel to Vehicle Behavior Pro and Plane Behavior Pro.

What is Heli Behavior Pro

Heli Behavior is a resource we developed in collaboration with real pilots that adds a few failures, behavior improvements and even a new feature to helicopters.


  • Hover Mode
    Heli Behavior Pro adds a brand new hover mode that makes sure your helicopter keeps its altitude.

  • Made with real pilots
    Heli Behavior Pro was developed in cooperation with real pilots.

  • Landing Gear Problems
    There is an adjustable probability of landing gear problems, that is, it either doesn’t retract or doesn’t deploy, or the wheels don’t engage and just dangle in the air.

  • Engine Failure
    One of the failures that Heli Behavior Pro adds is an engine failure that causes the rotor of your helicopter to fail.

  • Engine Fire
    Another failure is Engine Fire, where your rotors engine starts to burn.

  • Blade Overload
    Heli Behavior Pro also adds a Rotor Overload, where the rotor over spins and the helicopter climbs very fast.

  • Broken Steering
    The last failure that Heli Behavior Pro adds is a control failure that causes you to still be able to climb and descend, but not turn or pitch.

  • OneSync Compatible
    Heli Behavior Pro is 100% OneSync Legacy, OneSync Infinity and old sync compatible.

  • Standalone
    Heli Behavior Pro is completely standalone and does not require any additional resources.