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Safe Zones Pro

Safe Zones Pro

Price: 9.99

Safe Zones Pro - Easy & collision-free safe zones for your server 

We all know it: The functional places like garages, job locations and so much more are way too full and everybody just keeps crashing into each other or players are constantly getting killed. Too sad that there is no solution…
But wait, there is a solution: Safe Zones Pro allows you to define safe zones that are collision-free (and if you want to also PVP free) zones where your players can park their cars, attach their trailers and do all the other stuff they could not do because they had no space, and it was too overcrowded. And they are no longer getting killed by those who don't like to play by the rules.


  • Configurable - Every detail is configurable

  • Standalone - No Framework? No problem

  • Easy to use - Intuitively useable and easy to install

  • Translatable - 100% translatable

  • Notifications - Customizable Enter & Leave Notifications

  • Peace Zone - Too many killings in the zone? Disable PVP

  • Zone Names - Set a custom name for every zone

  • Zone Height - Don’t want transparent planes? Set a height


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